May The Force Be With You All.

This is just another SW photo/video/text/other stuff blog, all dedicated to the best saga ever (at least for me, it is. And yes, Mark Hamill is my love, and yep, I post lots of stuff about him <3 (visit fuckyeahmarkhamill, a blog I co-mod and is awesome!) I love everything SW related, but what I post here is mainly from the original trilogy.

About the blogger: Paola, 19 years old and Mexican, student and Jedi. Has been a SW fan since age 6 and will go on. Some more topics you can talk about with me: 60's, 70's, The Beatles, rock, art, movies, literature, etc.

Feel free to submit stuff or ask anything.

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The Skywalkers

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~ Saturday, March 19 ~
Tags: Padme Amidala Shmi Skywalker Pernilla August Natalie Portman Star Wars The Phantom Menace
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