May The Force Be With You All.

This is just another SW photo/video/text/other stuff blog, all dedicated to the best saga ever (at least for me, it is. And yes, Mark Hamill is my love, and yep, I post lots of stuff about him <3 (visit fuckyeahmarkhamill, a blog I co-mod and is awesome!) I love everything SW related, but what I post here is mainly from the original trilogy.

About the blogger: Paola, 19 years old and Mexican, student and Jedi. Has been a SW fan since age 6 and will go on. Some more topics you can talk about with me: 60's, 70's, The Beatles, rock, art, movies, literature, etc.

Feel free to submit stuff or ask anything.

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The Skywalkers

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~ Wednesday, September 5 ~

Well, if there’s a bright center to the universe, you’re on the planet that it’s farthest from.’

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Celebrating one of my idol&#8217;s birthday.Happy birthday to Freddie Mercury! (1946 - 1991) 

Celebrating one of my idol’s birthday.

Happy birthday to Freddie Mercury! (1946 - 1991) 

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21. Your favourite moment in Empire Strikes Back

So, as this is probably my all-time fave movie, here goes another list:

1. Who doesn’t love the battle of Hoth?

2. Yoda’s jedi lessons…priceless.

3. The exciting flight through the asteroid field…wow.

4. Not exactly a moment, but had to include it. Leia’s lovely pink and red outfit…just love it so much! (and in general, Han and Leia! <3)

5. The Darth Vader / Luke lightsaber duel and the epic “I am your father” part. 

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~ Monday, September 3 ~

Anonymous said: i was checking out ur blog and saw a pic of you (was it u actually?) with leia's buns. Any tutorial to tesch us how to do it?


Yes, it was me (with a pink tee, right?) sometime ago. Yes, I still know how to do it, but I have tosee first if I can get it right again. Imagine, I used hair extentions to get it then, now I have a different style (sightly) so I have to see if the hair I have is enough =P In case I can, I will try to make a video and upload it here. If not, I will wait sometime. But making a video tutorial is something I really want to do.

May The Force be With You! 

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~ Saturday, September 1 ~
When I had to watch a mynock hit the screen of the spacecraft I was supposed to be quite alarmed. And I said, ‘What is a mynock?’ I was really never told — I was simply told that it was just really awful and to behave accordingly. I still don’t know what the hell that was. But it was quite appalling — it looked a little like, well, vagina-like.
— Carrie Fisher on “The Empire Strikes Back”

Now be ready for never seeing the mynocks the same way again 

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Kids of Star Wars Celebration VI

Photos by Kari Young

This is how my kiddies will be :3

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“Like a father you wish to be, young Obi-Wan?”

“More an … eccentric old uncle, I think. It is a part I can play very well. To keep watch over Anakin’s son-” Obi-Wan sighed, finally allowing his face to register a suggestion of his old gentle smile. “I can’t imagine a better way to spend the rest of my life.”

Revenge of the Sith by Matthew Stover

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The awkward moment when a figure of Luke looks more than Mick Jagger than Luke himself&#8230;

The awkward moment when a figure of Luke looks more than Mick Jagger than Luke himself…

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